Answers to Secrets: A Sequel?

Piper asked:

Will there be a second book? 

I loved it! Where Janet found that creativity… Especially about the chatelaine… So creative! Thank you! Also, I loved the interactions between Kat and Peter. *hint, hint* 

Hi Piper!!

Thank you so much for your note and I’m so happy you loved CHARMED CHILDREN! Yes, I think Kat and Peter definitely have a future together whether as friends or something more.
I have been working on a second book, but there’s no timeline for publication yet. In the meantime, look for THE LAST TRUE KNIGHT (another historical fantasy) coming in 2018.

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  1. Michaela

    I was generally enthralled by this read as well! The way you left exactly what would happen next with the magister was perfect and I am looking forward to a sequel. Thank you again and I plan on reading this to some kids I babysit soon!


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