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How To Draw Isaac’s Pendant!

For all you crafty kiddos, homeschoolers, art teachers, and just plain fun lovers…here’s a great tutorial on drawing a Triquetra, or a Celtic Knot, which Isaac Wolf wears as a pendant: Enjoy!!

Shh!! A Secret Revealed!!

The Artifact Hunters Many of you already know that I have another book coming out August 25. It’s called The Artifact Hunters. Now, my publisher wanted me to write a “stand-alone” novel. Although Artifact Hunters is mostly set in Rookskill Castle (home of The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle), and although some of the characters… Read more »


A short story prequel to THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS… THE WITCH-WIFE’S WATCH   In the Depths of Time On the north end of Scotland, by the North Sea, near the point of John o’Groats, lived a man, Tam, who was clever with his hands, so clever that he crafted time-pieces of rare beauty when time-pieces were… Read more »