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Shh!! A Secret Revealed!!

The Artifact Hunters Many of you already know that I have another book coming out August 25. It’s called The Artifact Hunters. Now, my publisher wanted me to write a “stand-alone” novel. Although Artifact Hunters is mostly set in Rookskill Castle (home of The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle), and although some of the characters… Read more »

Answers To Secrets: A Sequel!

Zarella asked, Will there be a sequel to this book? Because the ending seems to be that the magister wants to find Kat. Also, what does the magister need Eleanor’s body parts for? Thank you! It was so, so amazing. I swallowed the entire book in four hours. It’s so dark and wonderful, and really kept… Read more »

Answers To Secrets: A Sequel?

Hi all! I have a new question from a reader: Ben asks: A real page turner! Love the setting! Is there going to be a sequel? I just read Rookskill Castle and I am anxious to find out what happens. Hi Ben! – Thank you!! I am working on a second Rookskill book but it… Read more »