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Answers To Secrets 2020

Peyton said… Ok, it’s 2020 and i have just finished “The CHARMED CHILDREN of ROOKSKILL CASTLE” and I am trying to find out about the second book. I have read the other questions and your replies about it coming out in 2018. Can you tell me what it’s called please? This book is my FAVORITE… Read more »

The Death’s Head Watch

I had a lot of fun writing The Artifact Hunters, partly because, well…artifacts! I could use real items from history, and things from legends, and things from fairy tales, because just about anything could become a magical artifact – an item that could be endowed with magical properties. The very first of these is something… Read more »

Answers To Secrets!

Dillyn asked: What year was it when the story was taking place? And what was the phrase that Kat said when she was using the scissors to cut the charms off the kids? I loved the book, i think right now it’s the best book i read. A+100% to you Janet Fox Hi Dillyn! I… Read more »

Answers To Secrets: A Sequel!

Zarella asked, Will there be a sequel to this book? Because the ending seems to be that the magister wants to find Kat. Also, what does the magister need Eleanor’s body parts for? Thank you! It was so, so amazing. I swallowed the entire book in four hours. It’s so dark and wonderful, and really kept… Read more »

Answers to Secrets: A Sequel?

Piper asked: Will there be a second book?  I loved it! Where Janet found that creativity… Especially about the chatelaine… So creative! Thank you! Also, I loved the interactions between Kat and Peter. *hint, hint*  Hi Piper!! Thank you so much for your note and I’m so happy you loved CHARMED CHILDREN! Yes, I think… Read more »

Answers to Secrets: Another Fan Letter

Robbie said, I am ready for the next book about the Elizabethan England and the Rookskill sequel and I am so excited on these books. I hope they will be as good as The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle. Hi Robbie! Thank you so very much for writing me. I’m delighted that you liked THE… Read more »

Answers to Secrets: A Wonderful Comment

Robbie wrote to say: “I loved this book. I picked it to read for a story book talk.This book is one of my top 3 favs.” Hi Robbie! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, but thank you SO much!! I love the fact that it’s one of your top 3. Stay tuned… Read more »

Answers To Secrets: A Sequel?

Hi all! I have a new question from a reader: Ben asks: A real page turner! Love the setting! Is there going to be a sequel? I just read Rookskill Castle and I am anxious to find out what happens. Hi Ben! – Thank you!! I am working on a second Rookskill book but it… Read more »

Answers to Secrets: Hidden Passages

Cassidy asked this question: If Kat’s dream about her hand was real, is the secret passage next to the fireplace in her room real? I love the book! Your book moved to FIRST place! I am thankful that you wrote this book and my mom is now reading it because I thought it was GREAT…. Read more »

Answers to Secrets: Kat and the Magister

I have a question about Kat and the magister: From Lyn Sequel? Our heroine is so clever. She knows her hand is from the magister. Why doesn’t she make the connection between the Lady and magister? My daughter and I both love your book. Thank you for your work! Hi Lyn! Thanks so much for… Read more »