Answers to Secrets: Hidden Passages

Cassidy asked this question:

If Kat’s dream about her hand was real, is the secret passage next to the fireplace in her room real?

I love the book! Your book moved to FIRST place! I am thankful that you wrote this book and my mom is now reading it because I thought it was GREAT.

Hi Cassidy!

Thank you SO much for loving my book and for sharing it with your mom. I hope she likes it, too.

Yes, the secret passages are all real. If you ever visit a castle in Scotland or England, you may find hidden passages are quite common. Usually they were used for the maids to get around quickly. Or sometimes they were used to hide in times of danger.

But in Rookskill, I believe there are many more passages there than the norm. Somewhere in the castle’s history, someone needed many hidden passages.

Maybe I should write about that – what do you think?

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