Answers to Secrets: Kat and the Magister

I have a question about Kat and the magister:

From Lyn


Our heroine is so clever. She knows her hand is from the magister. Why doesn’t she make the connection between the Lady and magister?

My daughter and I both love your book. Thank you for your work!

Hi Lyn!

Thanks so much for your note! I am working on a sequel, and hoping that my publisher will say yes soon.

That’s a great question about Kat and the magister. Of course, when he “fixes” her hand, she’s not really consciously aware, and forgets the incident soon after (that’s part of the spell). So I imagine that she can’t make the connection because the magister is not really on her mind.

However…since you asked about a sequel…I will be bringing the magister back and Kat will definitely come to know him. And I won’t spoil the fun for you.

Thanks so much again and so happy you both love the book!

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