Coming in 2020…

I have exciting news for fans of THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE. I’m currently at work on a companion novel, tentatively titled…


Here’s a brief teaser:

Not “the” watch…but a hint!

Isaac Wolf is a Jewish refugee from Germany in 1942 when he stumbles into a powerful magic. He thinks he can use it for the greater good. But this is not a story about a chosen one who saves the world – rather it is about an ordinary twelve-year old boy who learns the limitations of magic and that sometimes success is defined by how we deal with failure.

Yes, all your favorite characters (especially Kat) will still appear in this next story, also set in Rookskill Castle. I’m also writing about how it feels for Isaac to have to leave his home and family and travel alone to a strange country, encounter a deep and ancient magic, and have to make tough choices.

Add to that a Nazi determination to find magical artifacts, malevolent spirits, parallel worlds and time travel, the evil magister, and a reconstituted Lady Eleanor (who is not what she was!) – I hope you’ll find a novel as mysterious and thrilling as the first.

More hints about THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS very soon!

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