Where Is Rookskill Castle?

Some of my readers have asked me for the inspiration behind Rookskill Castle. Is it real? Can I go there? Where is Rookskill Castle??

I’m going to admit to you: I made it up.

However, I did have a castle in mind when I wrote both books, and I did visit Scotland, and I did take pictures of the castle and its grounds. Unfortunately, we were there off-season and the castle tour was closed. But perhaps that made it easier for me to envision what I wanted the castle to look and feel like. Those haunted hallways that seemed to move. The strange inhabitants. The shifty portraits and the hidden armory, they were all figments of my imagination.


This is the true inspiration for Rookskill Castle.


Scotland is a magical place and there are lots of castles and ruins to visit. I hope one day to go back, and I wish for you a visit there, too!

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