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Answers to Secrets

Hadley asked……… What happened To Leonore’s Husbands first wife? And Hadley adds, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooo – great question, Hadley! I imagine she did not fare well. He was kind of cruel, wasn’t he? Let’s hope he just banished her to some far away place. I will have to think about that when I fashion… Read more »

Where Is Rookskill Castle?

Some of my readers have asked me for the inspiration behind Rookskill Castle. Is it real? Can I go there? Where is Rookskill Castle?? I’m going to admit to you: I made it up. However, I did have a castle in mind when I wrote both books, and I did visit Scotland, and I did… Read more »

Answers To Secrets 2020

Peyton said… Ok, it’s 2020 and i have just finished “The CHARMED CHILDREN of ROOKSKILL CASTLE” and I am trying to find out about the second book. I have read the other questions and your replies about it coming out in 2018. Can you tell me what it’s called please? This book is my FAVORITE… Read more »

How To Draw Isaac’s Pendant!

For all you crafty kiddos, homeschoolers, art teachers, and just plain fun lovers…here’s a great tutorial on drawing a Triquetra, or a Celtic Knot, which Isaac Wolf wears as a pendant: Enjoy!!

The Death’s Head Watch

I had a lot of fun writing The Artifact Hunters, partly because, well…artifacts! I could use real items from history, and things from legends, and things from fairy tales, because just about anything could become a magical artifact – an item that could be endowed with magical properties. The very first of these is something… Read more »

Shh!! A Secret Revealed!!

The Artifact Hunters Many of you already know that I have another book coming out August 25. It’s called The Artifact Hunters. Now, my publisher wanted me to write a “stand-alone” novel. Although Artifact Hunters is mostly set in Rookskill Castle (home of The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle), and although some of the characters… Read more »

Answers To Secrets!

Dillyn asked: What year was it when the story was taking place? And what was the phrase that Kat said when she was using the scissors to cut the charms off the kids? I loved the book, i think right now it’s the best book i read. A+100% to you Janet Fox Hi Dillyn! I… Read more »


A short story prequel to THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS… THE WITCH-WIFE’S WATCH   In the Depths of Time On the north end of Scotland, by the North Sea, near the point of John o’Groats, lived a man, Tam, who was clever with his hands, so clever that he crafted time-pieces of rare beauty when time-pieces were… Read more »

Coming in 2020…

I have exciting news for fans of THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE. I’m currently at work on a companion novel, tentatively titled… THE ARTIFACT HUNTERS. Here’s a brief teaser: Isaac Wolf is a Jewish refugee from Germany in 1942 when he stumbles into a powerful magic. He thinks he can use it for the… Read more »